During my senior year at Berkeley I started working on this app called Wildfire. TBD.

In the summer of 2015, I spent time in South Carolina working with a startup called Geekin Radio. I helped build the front-end of this iOS app that lets you broadcast the music you are listening to, so that others can listen in live and in real-time. Within the first two days of release, it received 50,000+ downloads, was ranked #10 in music apps, and ranked #140 overall in the App Store.

Crowd Feed (iOS App)

Built during a few short weeks in 2014, Crowd is an iOS app that shows users what's happening around them. Crowd sourcing content, anyone with a phone and camera is a reporter updating this constantly changing local mobile newspaper. It can be downloaded in the App Store.

This or That (iOS App)

Built during my Thanksgiving break in 2014, This or That is an iOS app that allows users to ask and answer questions in an entertaining way. It can be downloaded in the App Store, and has 1000+ downloads.

VISA Internal Forum App (System Automation and iOS Developer Intern at VISA inc.)

In 2014, I had the opportunity to work as a intern at VISA Inc. on the Global Tools and Auto Engineering Team, where my primary responsibility was working on system automation tools. I worked with Chef to automate frameworks such as Redis and Django as a proof of concept. Realizing that my team needed a sample mobile application to automate, I suggested to my managers that I build one. In two short weeks, I learned objective-c and iOS development and built a sample internal forum app for VISA. I used Parse for the backend of the iOS App.

Twitter Scraper (Software Engineering Intern at Trident Marketing)

During the summer of 2013 for my internship at Trident Marketing, I built a Twitter scraper using the Twitter API. This could be used to filter tweets based on special keywords during an allocated time and tweet back to a specific twitter handle.

Study Buddy

Study Buddy is a website that helps students find peers to study with at a time and place that works best for them. My teammates and I entered our application into the STC Web Application Competition and placed second, receiving a $2,000 prize.


CollegeWiz was a project a few friends and I made for fun during my freshman year at UC Berkeley. Having recently started college, we created a website solely for delivering news relevant to the interests of college students. Several articles that we wrote garnered over 100,000 views.

TiE Young Entrepreneurs Global Business Plan Competition

In 2011, I worked with a team of three others to create a product that would help reduce the idling problem in the trucking industry. The solution entailed placing solar panels on truck trailers to power back-up batteries for appliances. We placed first regionally and internationally, receiving a total of $30,000 in business funding.

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